Maintenance Knowledge of Needle Detector

June 07,2022

As the needle detector is a kind of highly sensitive detection instrument, it has relatively strict requirements for the environment and the maintenance of the machine. Therefore, after using for a period of time, in order to ensure normal use, the conveyor belt and other parts prone to dirt should be cleaned regularly every day.


How Do X-Ray Product Inspection Machines Work

May 21,2022

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that are invisible to the naked eye. Because x-rays have a very short wavelength, they are able to pass through objects that block electromagnetic waves in the visible light spectrum.


Reasons for Using Automatic Weighing Scale on Assembly Line

May 07,2022

Automatic weighing scale, also known as sorting scale, sorting machine, or automatic weighing scale. Today, let's talk about why we should use the automatic weighing scale on the assembly line.


Composition and Structure of Needle Detector

April 19,2022

A needle detector is a kind of ferromagnetic metal induction instrument. It is a detection instrument applied to the textile industry under the classification of metal detectors. It is mainly used for the detection of ferromagnetic metal foreign matters in textiles.


4 Merits of Automatic Checkweighers

April 07,2022

Automatic checkweigher is a high-tech dynamic weighing equipment. It is mainly used to detect the weight of products on the production line and remove unqualified products from the production line. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized production enterprises at home and abroad.


A Brief Introduction to the Needle Detector

March 22,2022

The needle detector is a high-sensitivity detection instrument that can detect any broken needles or small iron filings remaining in the garment. Next, we will introduce its function and working principle to you.


What are the Detection Methods of Anti-Explosives at Airports?

February 22,2022

Explosives are extremely dangerous, especially in high-traffic workplaces such as stations, train stations, and airports. If someone carries explosives, it will be detected by the airport's explosives detectors.


Benefits of Express Sorting Equipment

Benefits of Express Sorting Equipment

January 18,2022

Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways for people to select items and make purchases. In addition to some items that can be quickly obtained in supermarkets, more grocery shopping apps are used. Therefore, logistics companies need sorting equipment to improve efficiency.


How to Choose a Portable X-ray Machine?

January 05,2022

There are many factors for the purchase of portable X-ray machines. What standard can we refer to when purchasing to select reliable X-ray machines? How to measure the quality standard? Next, let's talk about this problem.