TY-28MJ Handheld needle detector for clothing, shoes, hats, luggage, toys, children's clothes, underwear, bedding

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Western Union,T/T
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500 unit per month
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1 With vibration and sound alarm switching function
2 Easy to operate, light and easy to carry, detection sensitivity is extremely high, the highest sensitivity can detect iron balls with a diameter of 0.5mm
3 Using imported high-end digital chips, product performance is more stable and durable
4 Can accurately identify the location of the broken needle
5 It can work continuously for a long time without heating or overloading
6 With non-slip grip design and anti-drop wrist strap
7 When the power supply voltage is lower than 6V, there will be a continuous beeping sound, which means that the power is insufficient and the battery needs to be replaced.


It can detect broken needles for thin and small products such as knitting, clothing, socks, bedding, leather, shoe materials, etc., and can quickly and accurately find broken iron needles. It can be used to detect ferromagnetic impurities in clothing accessories such as hardware buttons. It can inspect the human body, livestock and other work-related injuries, cuts, crush injuries, etc., to check whether harmful iron filings penetrate into the interior. It can also be used for border checkpoint inspections, and public servants can quickly search for hidden tools of inspected personnel.

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