Digital LCD Needle Detector for clothing, shoes, hats, luggage, toys, children's clothes, underwear, bedding

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Western Union,T/T
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50 unit per month
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  • Product number
  • Net weight
    About 280KG
  • Detection sensitivity
  • Detection height
  • Detection width
    600mm or customized
  • Power
  • Insuction adjustment
    0-12 level touch button adjustment
  • Power supply
    AC220V 50-60HZ
  • Detection method
    Magnetic field induction,digital circuit processing
  • Equipment size
  • Alarm method
    Sound and light alarm exit after shutdown and start automatically
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Working principle of SA-720C conveyor type needle detector

when a ferromagnetic object enters the detection channel, the upper and lower probes generate signals through strong magnetic field induction, when the goods passing through the needle detector have broken needles or contain ferrous metals and the like When the needle detector is not allowed to pass, the needle detector will automatically alarm when it detects ferrous metals.

Garment needle detector

1 Using American microcomputer chip digital signal processing, can analyze the signal of each channel, and improve the reliability of detection

2 The special induction design of the detection part greatly improves the sensitivity and anti-interference ability of the instrument, and breaks the restriction of being affected by the environment

3 The original magnetic field balance induction design is more suitable for the needs of different customers, especially for the detection of clothing accessories

4 Adopt full Chinese display, membrane switch, improve the friendliness of human-computer interaction

5 Humanized design concept, perfect combination of powerful functions and ease of operation

6 Intelligent position display system, which can accurately display the position of the measured object

7 Intelligent technical system, accurate counting of qualified and unqualified

8 Unique safety lock device, can lock sensitivity, easy to manage

9 Digital sensitivity adjustment, level display interference and iron content

10 With light control switch automatic alarm and automatic shutdown function.

Garment needle detectorGarment needle detector



Garment needle detector               

It is generally used to detect hidden iron, needles and nails in Garment, clothing, textiles, clothing and other commodities. 

SA-720C Needle Detector has high sensitivity and good stability. clothing, Garment, chemical industry, leather, knitting and other industries that need to detect ferromagnetic metal impurities are used to detect ferromagnetic non-ferrous metals such as broken needles and iron wires that are mixed or lost in raw materials or products. Very strict requirements Metal detection products are particularly suitable, and can accurately identify the location of broken needles (metal impurities). Improve product safety factor and reduce harm.

It will automatically alarm when the broken needle is detected, and return to match for use on the production line. Before the product is packaged, it must be detected by needle detector/needle detector/conveyor type needle detector, desktop needle detector.   

Garment needle detector.png
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