Medical portable X-ray machine

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SA-100 Medical portable X-ray machine Mainly used to detect metal impurities in industrial products. For example, the pharmaceutical industry: tablets, powders. It can detect ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal magazines in a variety of products, and its detection capabilities are world-class.

Output image size 100mm
Resolution >4LP/mm
Observe the thickness <=330mm
Output screen brightness >40cd/M2
X tube high pressure 80KV
X tube current 0.5mA
X tube leak rate <5mA
Contrast 5%
Grayscale 7 level
Host weight 3.6kg
Power consumption 50W
Power supply AC 220v/50HZ



1 Low-dose, high-definition digital image output;
2 Can connect to monitor (AV output), computer (USB output);
3 The image quality can be adjusted according to the thickness of the perspective object and the image effect can be adjusted on AV and USB output devices;
4 When the image is in the best effect, the taken picture can be stored, and it can be recalled at any time, and the computer can be connected to the printer to output, saving the cost of film development;
5 It adopts new imaging technology and built-in high-voltage generator, which has extremely high sensitivity and very low radiation dose, which ensures the safety of operators and patients;
6 Focus: 0.05mm, can penetrate copper pipes, iron pipes, aluminum pipes, plastic pipes and other metal surfaces to see the size, shape and quantity of internal objects;
7 You can observe tiny structures with a diameter of 0.1 mm.
8 Hospital orthopedics, hand and foot surgery, pediatrics, stomatology and other departments, in emergency wards and immediate diagnosis during surgery, especially suitable for closed reduction of orthopedic diseases, supporting use when piercing needles and external fixation brackets, and also suitable for muscles Direct perspective observation when removing foreign objects
9 On-site diagnosis when athletes, field workers, and military personnel encounter injuries
10 Inspection of birth control ring for women of gestational age
11 Non-destructive testing in the industrial sector, such as aluminum castings, integrated blocks, high pressure packages, etc.
12 Security inspections by security departments, customs, post and telecommunications departments

Medical portable X-ray machine


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