X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry

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X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory

In plastic production, a small amount of metal contaminants will quickly increase costs. Metal fragments not only reduce the quality of plastics, but also damage processing machinery, leading to unplanned shutdowns and equipment failures. In many cases, tiny metal fragments (such as mud in a pipeline) can stop production. Our metal detection system provides a remedy.



Sensitivity is a measure of the ability of a metal detector to detect metal contaminants of a specific type and size. The better the sensitivity of the metal detector, the smaller the irregularly shaped metal fragments it can detect. Performance is usually expressed by the diameter of a test ball made of a specific type of metal, such as iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum or stainless steel. For example, a highly sensitive detector can detect 0.6 mm iron balls. The impact of ball size is small, but real-life metal contaminants may be even greater. Therefore, a small change in the size of the detection ball will cause a large change in the size of metal contaminants that can be found.



X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory




X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory


Product numberSA-X3
 Best detection accuracyLead: φ0.2mm, stainless steel ball: φ0.4mm, ceramic ball: φ0.8mm, bone: φ0.8mm, glass: φ1.0mm
 Detection size parametersMaximum detection width250mm
Maximum detection height175mm
Transmission bandwidth250mm
Conveyor belt height850±30mm
Conveyor speed10-120m/min
Load capacity10Kg
X-ray output40-80kVp/0.2-5mA
X-ray leak<1μSv/h
Detector typeLinear scan
Irradiation directionTop-illuminated
Pixel size0.4mm
Monitor15 inch LCD touch screen
Operation methodTouch screen operation
SoftwareIntellisense X-ray Inspection System
SystemWindows 7
Support data interfaceUSB
Parameter settingsSelf-learning/manual adjustment
Case materialSUS304
Conveyor belt materialPU belt
Air conditioningInternal circulation industrial air conditioner, automatic temperature control
Protection methodRemovable protective curtain
Cleaning methodTool-free disassembly of the conveyor belt for easy cleaning
Power supplyAC220/230V, 50/60Hz
Environmental requirementsTemperature: 5-35℃/ Humidity: 30-85%RH (no condensation)
Machine size800*860*1580mm (length*width*height)
Machine weight270Kg


  • The SA-X3 metal detector has a series of different technologies to suit the plastic, rubber and chemical industrial products to be inspected. It can detect metal, non-metal and other dense foreign objects, such as: metal, glass, stone, bone, ceramic, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc.; improve production reliability, reduce downtime, and ensure high-quality products.
  • High-speed detection: The world's leading computing and processing capabilities, with a detection speed of up to 120 m/min, and an ultra-high frequency that can provide excellent sensitivity to detect more and smaller metal blocks. In the challenging applications of hot, wet, cold or cooling products, with multiple simultaneous frequencies and product signal suppression technology, its efficiency is much higher.
  • Excellent detection accuracy can ensure product quality and protect user brand reputation. Choose a stable and reliable metal detector to provide higher sensitivity. Using SA-X3 metal detector can reduce the scrap rate, prevent complaints and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Abundant extended functions: multi-point omission detection, defect detection (product defect, packaging defect), shielding section detection, liquid level detection, high-speed rejection detection, remote control, integrated real-time management and other functions.
  • Easy to operate: 15-inch touch screen operation, self-learning function, intuitive and simple operation experience. Automatically save the detection pictures to facilitate user tracking.
  • Green design concept: All accessories meet food requirements, and radiation leakage meets US FDA and EU CE standards.

X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory

It is widely used in the detection of metal and non-metal foreign bodies in the food, medicine, and chemical industries, especially products packaged in aluminum foil or metal casing. Not only can sensitively identify all kinds of foreign objects in the product, such as metal, bone, glass, ceramic, stone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc., but also provide excellent product integrity testing to identify product defects and defects.

SA-X3 metal detectors are mostly suitable for

Plastic metal detection

Rubber metal detection

Rubber metal detection

Food packaging, aluminum packaging, aluminum foil paper tray packaging, bulk product detection, etc.


Our products are modular, and our metal detectors can be adapted to all the requirements of various manufacturing processes. We provide standardized solutions for all process steps:

X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory

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Shanan X-ray inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry manufacturer factory.is  R&D and production of detectors,specializing in Industrial Metal Detector instruments,provide public security inspections. Tailor-made solutions for customers.to protect customer brand image and improve customer productivity and production quality.


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