4 Merits of Automatic Checkweighers

April 07,2022

Automatic checkweigher is a high-tech dynamic weighing equipment. It is mainly used to detect the weight of products on the production line and remove unqualified products from the production line. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized production enterprises at home and abroad.


The advantages of checkweighers


Automatic checkweigher


👉Dynamic full inspection weighing, high speed and high accuracy


The automatic checkweigher can weigh all products online one by one in real time, with high speed and high precision, which cannot be achieved by traditional manual detection and static weighing equipment.


👉Reduce production costs and improve business profits


In the production process, many products will have filling links. In the current mechanized and intelligent production process of enterprises, the automatic check-weighing link is a very critical part. The automatic weighing scale is applied to the production line of the enterprise and is used in line with the filling machine.


It can not only ensure that the product weight of the enterprise meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, but also can observe the filling volume of the product and the filling machine, filling at any time. Machine working state, control the cost of raw materials for the enterprise, save costs for the enterprise, and improve the profit of the enterprise.


👉Quality traceability can be achieved


The automatic checkweigher can display the weight trend curve of the product at the same time, and can save the weighing information and rejection records, and record the weighing result of each product, which can be monitored and maintained remotely, and can also be exported directly from a U disk, allowing enterprises for quality traceability.


👉Save labor costs and improve enterprise production efficiency


Using automatic checkweighers, online high-speed, high-precision real-time product weighing, eliminating the need for manpower to weigh products one by one, reducing the cost of labor input. Especially in the case of large-scale production, the automatic checkweigher checks the production line products one by one, avoiding the increase of labor costs and the uncertainty of traditional manual sampling results, and improving the production efficiency of enterprises.


In addition, during the entire production process from before product packaging to final packaging, the automatic checkweigher detects the product weight, which can enable enterprises to minimize weight errors and excessive product filling, and prevent unqualified products from flowing into market.


In conclusion


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