A Brief Introduction to the Needle Detector

March 22,2022

The needle detector is a high-sensitivity detection instrument that can detect any broken needles or small iron filings remaining in the garment. Next, we will introduce its function and working principle to you.


needle detector


What is the function of the needle detector?


The needle detector is mainly used to detect broken needles and metal fragments in textiles, so as to avoid these sharp metal foreign objects from harming consumers. To put it simply, when manufacturers produce clothing, sports shoes, plush toys, towels, quilts, hats, and other items that are in close contact with the human body, broken needles and other iron filings will be mixed into the circulation of finished products. Therefore, these products must be checked for broken needles by a needle detector before they are packaged.


How does the needle detector work?


Firstly, the upper and lower probes receive and process signals, and then through the strong magnetic field induction and photoelectric instrument scanning induction, and then there are strong electric integrated blocks, sensitivity control integrated blocks, signal receiving integrated blocks and signal output integrated blocks completing the inspection work.


When the product passing through the needle detector has broken needles or substances such as ferrous metals, the needle detector is not allowed to pass through. When ferrous metals are detected, the needle detector will automatically alarm, and the conveyor belt will go backwards to release the product. so that the inspector can remove the product returned by the alarm in time, and according to the position of the broken needle indicator, the location of the broken needle of the product can be quickly found. On the contrary, if no metal is detected, the product can pass the needle detector aisle.


In the end


According to the regulations that export textiles must be tested for broken needles, products that pass the needle breakage test of the needle detector can be exported to foreign countries. Among them, Japan has clear legal regulations on needle detection. If a consumer product entering the Japanese market finds broken needles and other metal foreign objects, it will be severely punished.


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