How to Choose a Portable X-ray Machine?

January 05,2022

There are many factors for the purchase of portable X-ray machines. What standard can we refer to when purchasing to select reliable X-ray machines? How to measure the quality standard? Next, let's talk about this problem.


portable X-ray machine


The first is that the portable X-ray machine cannot be disturbed in normal use, and external factors cannot affect its detection accuracy, that is, its false alarm rate must be low.


False positives cannot occur frequently in a normal environment, failing to use. If the product is missed or has a high false alarm rate, it will seriously affect the use effect and increase the use cost.


The second is the sensitivity of portable X-ray machines, which can be selected according to the needs of different use environments.


Generally, the sensitivity requirements for portable X-ray machines are very low. However, for some environments with high requirements, high sensitivity is required, such as aircraft detection doors and other areas. There are great differences in sensitivity requirements in different places. At present, the products with high sensitivity produced by domestic portable X-ray machine manufacturers can identify a paper clip. If the sensitivity is improved again, the stability will be affected.


The third is that portable X-ray machine products must ensure that the false alarm rate of the product is relatively low, will not cause radiation harm to the human body, and the price is relatively low.


For many customers, the purchase price of security inspection products should not be too expensive, because some portable X-ray machines use pulse technology, which has high sensitivity and strong stability. However, the cost is very high and the price is expensive. It is difficult for ordinary buyers to afford it, which affects their purchases.


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