Maintenance Knowledge of Needle Detector

June 07,2022

As the needle detector is a kind of highly sensitive detection instrument, it has relatively strict requirements for the environment and the maintenance of the machine. Therefore, after using for a period of time, in order to ensure normal use, the conveyor belt and other parts prone to dirt should be cleaned regularly every day.


needle detector


  1. Cleaning tools: find a clean towel, wet it with water and screw it dry until it can not be screwed out.


  1. Conveyor belt surface cleaning: note that the sensitivity of the needle detector should be adjusted to the lowest level before cleaning. If the needle detector has b/c mode, please adjust the needle detector to C mode to avoid high sensitivity affecting the next step of cleaning. Then straighten the towel and press it properly on the surface of the conveyor belt, start the machine to make the machine run for more than five cycles (the purpose is to clean the pollutants on the surface of the conveyor belt, and the method can be flexibly applied by itself), then wash the towel and screw it dry, and repeat this step again to wipe the conveyor belt until there are no obvious pollutants on the surface of the conveyor belt;


  1. Cleaning the back of the conveyor belt: wash and wring the towel, pass the towel through the bottom of the conveyor belt from the lower part of the machine, and straighten the towel,


Draw the towel to the front of the conveying table, grasp both ends of the towel, and start the machine to make it run for several weeks. Since the bottom of the conveyor belt is the dirtiest place, it needs to be wiped many times. After several weeks of operation each time, the towel shall be taken out for cleaning and the above steps shall be repeated again.


  1. How to judge the cleaning effect: after the above two cleaning steps, adjust the sensitivity of the needle detector conveyor belt to level 8 or the highest sensitivity, start the machine and let the machine run. If the machine runs smoothly and the metal position indicator of the probe is not on, put in clothes without any metal impurities at this time, and the clothes can smoothly pass through the needle detector channel, that is, the conveyor belt is cleaned successfully!
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