Reasons for Using Automatic Weighing Scale on Assembly Line

May 07,2022

Automatic weighing scale, also known as sorting scale, sorting machine. Today, let's talk about why we should use the automatic weighing scale on the assembly line.


automatic weighing scale


Ensure product quality.


Every manufacturing company has very high-quality requirements, and there is no room for carelessness, especially in the automatic production line. In the quality management system, whether the product is qualified or unqualified, accurately and quickly weighing and checking, and transmitting the data to the computer for statistical analysis is one of the key functions of quality control.


Weigh accurately to reduce customer complaints.


The company adopts a high-precision weighing module to ensure the accuracy and stability of weighing. Checking the weighing machine can improve the production efficiency of the automatic production line, reduce the complaint rate and promote the stable development of the enterprise.


Reduce enterprise labor and production costs.


In a period of serious employee turnover, the automatic weighing device can solve the manual problem and avoid the compensation caused by the delay in production progress.

The automatic calibration scale applies to the products inspected at the end of the packaging line.


It provides a more economical solution to simply check weighing requirements online. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong equipment stability.


Improve production efficiency.


The speed of manual weighing is limited and the accuracy is difficult to control. The weight detector can detect 300 times per minute, 10 times that of manual weighing, which significantly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.


An automatic weighing scale can enhance the brand image of the enterprise.


The products produced by the enterprise are zero defective products and obtain a good brand image in the market.


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