The Application of Metal Detector in Food Industry

March 09,2022

In the process of raw materials and processing of food, some foreign substances will be mixed, and these substances will cause harm or even life-threatening to consumers. There are many primary means of detecting food, but metal detector is one of the most common. Today, in this blog, I will mainly introduce the metal detector.


The Function of Metal Detector

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The use of metal detectors is ultimately to improve product quality, maintain corporate image and protect consumer interests.


As a typical instrument for controlling foreign metal objects, a metal detector is a metal detection device on food packaging and material transmission lines. It can effectively identify the metal hazardous substances mixed in food and materials, and remove the metal substances in an appropriate way.


The Purpose of Using a Metal Detector


The use of metal detectors is a necessary means to prevent metal objects from being mixed into products. The purpose of using metal detectors at different stages of food processing is as follows:


  • Raw material storage stage


The use of metal detectors in the raw material storage stage can detect the metal mixed in the raw materials, so as to prevent the metal foreign matter mixed into the raw materials from damaging the production equipment, and will not affect the subsequent processes.


  • Production process


The use of metal detectors in the production process can detect metal objects mixed in the process, so that the effective utilization rate of packaging materials is improved.


  • Multiple packing and shipping


A final metal detector before shipment can detect nuts or screws mixed in after the monolithic production line.


At Last


In conclusion, metal detectors are vital to the food packaging industry. If you are looking for a reliable metal detector supplier, please contact us.