What are the Detection Methods of Anti-Explosives at Airports?

February 22,2022

Explosives are extremely dangerous, especially in high-traffic workplaces such as stations, train stations, and airports. If someone carries explosives, it will be detected by the airport's explosives detectors.


Although terrorist attacks may be far from us, anything can happen. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of passengers, airports, stations and other staff must use efficient explosive detection equipment to exclude and arrest those who are preparing to implement them.


Detect the baggage


How to detect explosives at airports?

The research and development of explosion-proof technology continue to progress. X-ray safety detection and ion mobility spectrometry detection equipment are the two most commonly used explosive detection equipment.


Dual-energy CT detection with advanced X-ray technology has been applied to explosion-proof security inspection. Compared with traditional X-rays, the latter can scan and detect by rotating around the section of the object to be inspected. The computer reconstructs the image according to the collected 360° projection signal, effectively identifies hidden objects, and improves the detection rate of explosives.


In the face of unpredictable and unconventional homemade explosives, the world has been making continuous efforts in the research and development of explosion-proof technology. The new ion mobility spectrometer can detect not only conventional nitro explosives, but also the rapid detection of self-made explosives TATP.


In short, if you carry explosives, no matter how big or small, there will be fine dust adhering to your clothes and luggage, which is very easy to be detected by the airport detection equipment. Therefore, explosives can be detected by detecting dust.


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