High precision online checkweigher for food, medicine, aquatic products, toys, clothing, shoemaking, chemicals, leather

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SACW-210 Conveyor Belt type
Shen Zhen
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High Accuracy Check Weigher

The automatic weight sorting machine is mainly composed of the following parts: feeding device, weighing device, sorting device, auxiliary device.


SACW-210 High Accuracy and High Speed Check Weigher design size as follow


belt Conveyor Weight Checkerbelt Conveyor Weight Checker


      SACW-210 Belt type automatic weighing machine

Power supply

Single-phase AC200V~240V (110V/380V can be customized)

Rated power


Single weighing range


Highest sorting accuracy


Minimum scale


Transfer speed


Maximum speed

160 pcs/min

Detect item size


Weighing conveyor belt size


Equipment size


Elimination method

Putter, swing arm, air blow, split (optional)

Control System

High speed A/D sampling controller

Preset product number


Conveying direction

Facing the machine, left to right

External air supply


Pneumatic interface


Working environment

Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, humidity: 30% ~ 95%

Body material

Stainless steel 304 polishing

Operation screen display

Chinese, English, Turkish, Spanish, etc. can be customized

Other standard equipment

Windshield (colorless and transparent), calibration weight

Belt surface height from the ground

650mm ~ 750mm (can be customized)

Protection level

Protection level meets IP-65 international standards


The accuracy of the detection speed meter is slightly different depending on the size of the product being tested and the working environment in which the equipment is operated.


1 Sensitive response, high detection accuracy

2 Intelligent recognition, good stability

3 Low error rate, basically zero error


4 Improve product quality, ensure consumer safety, and reduce unnecessary disputes

5 The conveyor belt can be easily disassembled and cleaned,


6 The sorting machine adopts dustproof and waterproof design to realize a fast and safe equipment cleaning process

belt Conveyor Weight Checker


Belt type automatic weighing machine is widely used in electronics, pharmacy, food, beverage, health care products, daily chemicals, light industry, agricultural and sideline products and many other industries. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and health products industry to detect whether tablet drugs are less or more granular; whether powder-packed drugs are missing or multiple bags; whether the weight of liquid drugs meets the standard requirements; detection of missing drug accessories (such as instructions, desiccants, etc.) .
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