Portable security gate full body walkthrough door metal detector

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Portable security gate walkthrough door metal detector


- Anti-terrorism and police equipment

- Portable and foldable in car trunk

- Quick Five-minute Installation

- Built-in battery for 30-80 hours


Memory function sets memory characteristics for special field environments

The First Location Display Portable Security Gate in the World

Choose black or camouflage colours


Temperature C: - 20 to + 70 (- 4oFto + 158oF)


Relative humidity: 95% protection level: IP55 ultraviolet protection

Channel size: 2100 mm x 800 mm x 580 mm

: 2100mmx800mmx580mm( x x )

Exterior dimensions:2250 mm x 970 mm x 580 mm

Door panel packaging dimensions: 1065 mm x 675 mm x 705 mm

Net weight of the whole machine: 35kg


Door board packing weight: 47kg


Battery Durability Battery (Optional - Hour Working Time)




1.Simple installation, portable, minute assembly and decomposition

2. Automatically identify the three independent detection areas after installation.


3.6 sensing areas can be assembled in left-right, up-down and arbitrary interchange.


4. The security gate is made of ABS, polycarbonate alloy and other materials with strong impact resistance.


5. Built-in high-brightness location LED light display, clear at a glance


6. Using electronic frequency chip to realize multi-parallel and non-interference


7. Start-up automatic detection and automatic environmental calibration


8. Automatically counting the number of passes and the number of alarms


9. The front of the main engine has a bright LED indicator icon for passing and alarming.


10. 24

10. Each of the built-in double batteries can last more than one hour.


11. LCD adjustable parameters and sensitivity can be adjusted at different levels. The highest sensitivity can detect a coin.


12. GB15210-2003:The product performance conforms to the General Technical Specification for Portable Metal Detection Safety Gate

Shanan Portable security gate walkthrough door metal detector.is  R&D and production of detectors,specializing in Industrial Metal Detector instruments,provide public security inspections. Tailor-made solutions for customers.to protect customer brand image and improve customer productivity and production quality.
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