Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector for pasty, liquid products

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    Sausage Meat,Beer,Wine,Beverages,Juice,Water
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Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector for pasty, liquid manufacturer,factory

SA Pipe Metal Detector are custom-made produced for the inline inspection of pumped fluids and also pastes that are carried through a pipe. For heightened stability and also performance, an added sturdy housing is utilized. premium quality stainless-steel build and uncomplicated user interface improves ease of use for the driver.


Trustworthy in the Hard Environments

Pipe metal discovery systems are excellent for pumped and vacuum-packed pipeline applications, consisting of sausage meat as well as other high thickness food. The system utilizes a Diverter Shutoff decline gadget to divert infected product from the flow. The Pipe metal detectors provide an option of coatings as well as securing criteria up to IP69K to make it possible for high-temperature and high-pressure wash-down to occur to meet exacting health standards, especially for the food handling industry.


Pipeline Metal Detector for All Kinds Of Metal Impurities

SA pipe metal detectors are created for inspecting pumped fluids, pastes, slurries, high viscosity liquids and vacuum-packed items in industrial food and non-food handling applications. Our Pipeline metal detectors are capable of detecting all types of metal as well as guaranteeing they are removed from the process circulation.


Advanced Metal Discovery for Maximum Compliance

SA metal detectors utilize advanced technology to offer innovative metal detection solutions, with the ability of finding all metal types including ferrous, non-ferrous (including aluminium and also brass), and tough to identify stainless-steel, as well as eliminating contaminated product from the procedure flow.


Easy System Assimilation

Strong, stainless-steel pneumatically-driven turn down valves with quick release couplings immediately get rid of metal polluted product from the procedure flow. allows the metal fittings of the throughput pipe and various other procedure devices to be positioned closer to the discovery head without impacting the detector performance. This helps with a brief throughput pipe for maximised item top quality in restricted installation spaces.

Pipe diameter50~150mm
Detection accuracy Fe(mm)≥Φ0.5mm
Detection accuracy SUS(mm)≥Φ1.0mm
Detection capacity(t/h)3~10t/h
Alarm methodAutomatic shut down or valve exclusion optional
Exxclusion methodPneumatic elimination
Gas source requirments≥0.5Mpa
 Power supplyAC220V±10% 50-60Hz(AC110V or AC380V can be customized)Other options
RemarksThe above technical indicators are when the metal detector is empty, and the actural sensitivity is related to the factory environment and product effects.

1 The core part is carefully developed with advanced digital technology and original imported chips. The inside of the detection coil is molded at one time by potting, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, and strong anti-interference ability.

2 It can be produced in a variety of frequencies according to product characteristics, and has a product testing data storage function, which can store about 100 product testing data and has a wide range of applications.

3 Using intelligent recognition technology, with self-learning and memory functions, it can automatically recognize and remember the characteristics of the product, and effectively eliminate the interference caused by various "product effects".

4 Simple and friendly operation interface, using a dialogue LCD display, you can quickly and conveniently set parameters through a simple key control interface; it can detect a variety of products containing different product signals (characteristics), and one setting can guarantee extremely The detection accuracy does not need to be re-adjusted and set up the program.

5 Modular component replacement, convenient and quick maintenance.

6 Comply with HACCP, GMP, FDA requirements.

7 Shockproof and waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof function in line with IP-66/IP-65 international certification, anti-vibration and noise absorption, can adapt to harsh working environments.

8 Unparalleled detection accuracy and stability, stable detection performance and the highest detection accuracy for various metal foreign bodies

9 The compact design is convenient to connect to the production line, so that the metal detector can be placed in a small installation space, and the length of the pipeline is shortened as much as possible.


Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce


  • Liquids Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Meats Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Dairy Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Soup Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Sauce Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Paste Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Confectionery Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Juice Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Jam Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Sausage Meat Pipeline Metal Detection

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Shanan Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector for pasty, liquid manufacturer,factory.is  R&D and production of detectors,specializing in Industrial Metal Detector instruments,provide public security inspections. Tailor-made solutions for customers.to protect customer brand image and improve customer productivity and production quality.
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