Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products, meat products, food, medicine, hygiene products

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Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products

Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products

Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products

Product modelSA-980BL
 Specification type3008, 3012, 3015, 30184008, 4012, 4015, 40185025, 5030, 5035, 5040Non-standard machine customized specifications)
Passing width(mm)400500-Custom non-standard
Passing height(mm)80120150180200250300350400
 Standard detection sensitivityFE(Φmm)
Belt widthmm)370370370370470470470470670
Length of conveyormm)133013301330133017001700170017001700
Belt height from the ground(mm)750±50   can be customized
Protection levelIP66
Quantity of memory products100 species
Display modeLED liquid crystal (or touch screen customized)
Operation modeTouch key input (touch optional)
Conveyor belt materialFood grade PVC belt (PU belt, sheet chain belt optional)
Alarm modeAlarm shutdown, buzzer alarm or rejection mechanism optional
Belt speed28m/min constant (variable speed for different varieties. Variable frequency speed regulation can be customized if necessary)
Machine materialThe whole frame is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, which meets HACCP, GMP, FDA, CAS and other standards
Machine weightAbout 280KG
MotorTaiwan high-power motor can transport weight 25-50KG
Power supplyAC220V±10%  50-60Hz    (AC110V or AC380V can be customized) Other options
Use environment temperatureTemperature: -1850℃, relative humidity: 3090℃
01.Probe detection window, the size of the whole machine can be customized according to customer needs, the higher the detection window height, the lower the detection sensitivity, and the wider the detection window, the detection sensitivity will also decrease.                                                
02.Detection sensitivity is the detection sensitivity obtained by placing the detection card in the center of the conveyor belt through the detection channel.The actual detection sensitivity will vary depending on the product being tested or the conditions of use.

1 The core part is carefully developed with advanced digital technology and original imported chips. The inside of the detection coil is molded at one time by potting, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, and strong anti-interference ability.

2 It can be produced in a variety of frequencies according to product characteristics, and has a product testing data storage function, which can store about 100 product testing data, and has a wide range of applications.
3 Using intelligent recognition technology, with self-learning and memory functions, it can automatically recognize and remember product characteristics, and effectively eliminate the interference caused by various "product effects".
4 Simple and friendly operation interface, using a dialogue LCD display, you can quickly and easily set parameters through a simple key control interface; it can detect a variety of products containing different product signals (characteristics), and one setting can ensure extremely high The detection accuracy does not need to be readjusted and set up the program.
5 Modular component replacement, convenient and quick maintenance.
6 Comply with HACCP, GMP, FDA requirements.7 Shockproof and waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof function in line with IP-66/IP-65 international certification, anti-vibration and noise absorption, can adapt to harsh working environments.
8 Various reject devices (such as flaps, air blows, push rods, etc.) and lightweight, large-package special and heavy-duty body designs can be adopted according to user needs.

Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene productsSheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products

Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products


Food, medicine, aquatic products, toys, clothing, shoemaking, chemical industry, leather, knitting, printing and other industries detect metal impurities mixed in products or raw materials in the production process. Such as: iron, non-magnetic metal objects (gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals can be detected), improve product safety factor and reduce harm.

Sheet chain metal detector for Aquatic products,  hygiene products

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