X-ray food inspection machine for food, medicine, chemical industry

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1 The equipment available to detect foreign bodies in the food industry has been very limited for a long time. Until now, there were only simple metal detectors and expensive X-ray inspection equipment. Using MEKI is your best choice.
2 MEKI is an automated product quality control system that uses the latest X-ray imaging processing technology.
3 MEKI can detect foreign objects such as metal, stone, glass, bones and higher density plastics by analyzing and imaging the inside of food.
4 MEKI performs multiple different functions at the same time, such as shape, weight or internal defect detection. Even the detection of high-humidity foods or foods with metal in packaging materials is not a problem.
5 MEKI is a perfect assembly. Compared with other X-ray equipment, MEKI requires the least installation space.
6 MEKI is not inferior to other X-ray inspection equipment, but its price is only equivalent to the price of a metal detector.

It is widely used in the detection of metal and non-metal foreign bodies in the food, medicine, and chemical industries, especially products packaged in aluminum foil or metal casing. Not only can sensitively identify all kinds of foreign objects in the product, such as metal, bone, glass, ceramic, stone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc., but also provide excellent product integrity testing to identify product defects and defects.
MEKI is especially suitable for testing the following types of products:
• Packed products
• Small or medium size products
If your company’s products are unpackaged, bulk products, palletized
For products or small products with multiple lines, please refer to the technical parameter table MIDMEKI.

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