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Conveyor metal detector

Shanan's Conveyor kind Metal Detector identify and expel magnetic, non-magnetic and also stainless steel metal contaminants in foodstuff while pleasing the most strict demands for functionality, health, accuracy, and integrity. Incorporate high accuracy metal discovery in your line ,Integrate conveyor discovery as well as ejection of magnetic, non-magnetic, as well as stainless-steel metal contaminants with an option of belt configurations that are entirely incorporated with metal detectors and ejection systems. Each features an incredibly sanitary framework in stainless steel as well as is equipped with digital control of the belt rate and of the ejection of non-conforming products. we offer Flat, modular, small,standard conveyor belt configurations available. can meet the high-end needs of professional manufacturers and provide public security inspections. Tailor-made solutions for customers. Contact us: +8618576352278 +8613215377368